We are a leading technology platform dedicated to insurance and healthcare service with a positive social impact. We are the largest independent third-party insurance platform in China in terms of life and health insurance first year premiums, distributed in 2020, according to iResearch. Through our Waterdrop Insurance Marketplace and Medical Crowdfunding platforms, we have built a massive social network of protection and support for people, raising awareness of insurance and ultimately providing insurance and healthcare service to consumers in China.

According to iResearch report, in 2019, the total healthcare service expenditures in China reached RMB7.0 trillion, among which RMB4.7 trillion was not covered by the social medical insurance, commercial insurance, or other supplemental medical protection. With Waterdrop being a trusted brand in China, we are well positioned to capture this market opportunity for insurance and healthcare service. According to a public survey conducted by iResearch, our insurance marketplace and medical crowdfunding platforms rank No. 1 in terms of brand awareness among independent third-party insurance distribution platforms and medical crowdfunding platforms respectively. 

We address the health and life insurance needs with a variety of protection products. Our platform is designed to be mobile-first, digitally-native, and deeply connected with insurance carriers to ensure smooth and friendly user experience throughout the process from underwriting to claim services.

 We enable those with significant medical cost need to seek help from caring hearts through technology. Patients or their relatives or friends can initiate crowdfunding campaigns on our platform and share campaign information through social network.

With the comprehensive coverage of our Waterdrop Insurance Marketplace and Medical Crowdfunding platforms, we aim to supplement social medical insurance system and penetrate into the healthcare market in China to help more people access quality healthcare services.

Our Mission :We at Waterdrop aspire to bring insurance and healthcare service to billions through technology.